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Mark Turner
By Mark Turner on October 13, 2021

3 ways technology is changing the construction industry

Over the past several decades, the number of technological advancements have been staggering. Technology has become embedded into our daily lives and as more developments emerge, it has been difficult to keep up with them all. Sadly, the global construction industry, has been slow to adopt many of these trends, leaving it lagging behind the likes of manufacturing. Thankfully, this trend is changing with the arrival of tech that has unequivocal benefits.

In order to stay competitive in the construction industry, professionals need to embrace new technologies and be open to how advancements that can positively influence their company. Committing to a new technology is an investment that requires investing scarce time and money, therefore the advantages need to be clearly defined and understood beforehand – and embraced by the whole organisation once implemented. 

Below I list three key points in how technology is impacting the construction industry.

Improved Productivity

New technologies can make construction more efficient and profitable.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning allow workers to improve productivity by monitoring and collecting real-time progress and data.

Additionally, cloud-based construction software and mobile apps can deliver real-time communication to increase work rate. Some top cloud software’s include Jonas Premier Cloud Construction Software, PENTA,CoConstruct Software, and more.


Fingers crossed, there will be a significant decrease in the number of workplace injuries thanks to the implementation of new technologies. Some safety improvements include: 

    • Wearable tech. This involves collecting more analytical data by embedding sensors into personal protective equipment, including, DAQRI Smart Helmet, SolePower Work Boots, Redpoint Positioning Safety Vest Sensors, etc.
    • Virtual training allowing for more detailed safety plans.
    • Automated site sensors that can measure, collect and analyse data.


Technology has made it easier for those involved in a project to communicate and collaborate with each other in an effective and timely manner. 

A common method of collecting information on the job site is through online and mobile apps where contractors, architects, engineers, and project managers are able to collect data, report, or share documents.

Advancements in technology will not slow down anytime soon. As new technologies are introduced every year, it will be exciting to see what large-scale changes these developments will bring. 

Published by Mark Turner October 13, 2021
Mark Turner