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By Dana Miller on November 11, 2021

How are you digitalising in the construction industry?

There is a fast-growing trend of digitalisation and an increase in technology in the construction industry, accelerated out of necessity by the pandemic over the last year and a half. The driver of that is the efficiency that technology can provide and that shift looks likely to remain.

The industry looks set to increasingly engage with one another in new, automated methods -  it is definitely a trend for the future.

Did you know? 

1 – Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology - Large leaps in innovation have empowered builders and developers in the industry to employ methods like smart contracts or blockchain technology to improve the supply chain and service process. Each offer a more secure workflow and improves productivity and efficiency, ultimately enabling project tracking from a whole different perspective.

2 – Building Information Modelling and Augmented Reality - Advances like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Augmented Reality (AR) are proving incredibly valuable to the production speed of a build and setting builders apart for employing such methods. The global AR market worth is expected to reach 1.2 trillion by the end of the decade (source: bigrentz). Utilsing these methods provides an ease of management that ensures project finalisation and completion-time accuracy. The advantages these tools offer give buyers and future sites a more tangible representation of what the finished build will represent and also offer accurate, automated measurements to go by, giving suppliers more precision in supporting the upcoming builds. Overall, these particular methods create a sound aspect to new builds not seen previously within the industry.

3 – Drones  - Additionally, the use of drones in construction continues to be used more and more liberally in a multitude of ways. Drone usage in the construction industry had been growing by 239% ,year on year (source: bigrentz). From providing aerial mapping, to replacing humans in order to prevent injury with large structures thereby increasing safety, to even providing site security and therefore preventing delays, drones are automating in increasingly new directions with a list of benefits.  

4 -  Smart-Machinery – The use of smart machinery and IOT (Internet of Things)-enabled heavy equipment and machinery is on the rise, boosting efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint, making its usage all the more effective. With businesses able to save 30% of their time with AI, the choice seems obvious. (source: UK Connect) 

5 -  3D Printing - 3D printing enables prefabrication whether on or offsite, making immediate use of materials. It improves the speed of deliveries, reduces waste and ultimately, increases sustainability.

6 - Krank Limited – Krank is the latest new arrival in that digitalisation movement as well - Krank sees the value of automation in connecting with others in the industry and the power of connect-working. Krank is driving change through networking innovation. The biggest value is your network, but many don’t take the chance to leverage that. Within our platform, it is an essential component in order to buy or sell machinery. Krank offers the ability to connect with your network directly across our marketplace platform, where you can securely connect and engage as a buyer or seller directly, for sales today and into the future.

So, why not try and see for yourself how Krank can support you.  

Published by Dana Miller November 11, 2021